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We believe in art

“In 2000, I travelled around the world and when I came in a small fishing village and I saw a fantastic painting. I was in love with it. I reserved that work of art, but the next day when I came back to buy it, it was already sold to someone else. My head ached for two days. Then I realized that if art could touch me that way I wanted to spend the rest of my life dealing with art. To let art touch people is the mission of AbrahamArt.”

Bram Reijnders, owner of AbrahamArt

The most complete contemporary art collection

AbrahamArt contemporary art has now expanded to be the largest gallery and art lease in the Benelux.
Art from the most prominent and relevant artists and new talents has never been so accessible. With a large collection, expert art advisors, a trial placement and the flexible art lease concept we dare to say that we are the ultimate contemporary response to anyone who is looking for contemporary art.
You can look around on our own website, come to our gallery or ask a trial placement at home!