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Charlotte Molenkamp

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Decades at the top

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The footsteps of her parents

Charlotte Molenkamp was born in 1955 in Tilburg in an artistic family of four children. At sixteenth, Charlotte started her studies at the St. Joost Art Academy in Breda. She followed then further training at the Academy of Art in Tilburg. There she also attended lessons from her father, the famous painter Nico Molenkamp. After the end of her studies she found a part-time job as a drawing and art history teacher in Oisterwijk which could combine easily with to the development of her own work.

Exhibitions and art fairs

In her first years Charlotte Molenkamp worked especially with gouaches, since oil paint was too expensive. Soon afterwards she won a painting competition and got a solo show in the theater of Tilburg. Years later Charlotte bought together with her husband Ad the Roij a historic monumental villa at the Koningshoeven in Tilburg where she also has her studio. Soon after that she decided to, besides making gouaches, also to work with oil on canvas. The artist has over the years developed further her remarkable style and has become known as one of the most prominent artists in the Netherlands with annual solo exhibitions at various galleries. Charlotte is also represented in many national and international art fairs.

Abstract figurative

Charlotte Molenkamp is known for her unique style of painting in which the oil paint generously covers the canvas in many generous layers. She has taught herself to work two-handed and handles the brush in her left hand and the spatula in her right. Charlotte paints in abstract figurative style, often flowers but also human figures and faces. Charlotte masters the art of making a great first impression with her work, balancing painting on canvas in a way which never makes her fans – being Jeroen Krabbé one of them – tired.

Artworks by Charlotte Molenkamp
  • Charlotte Molenkamp
    • Wildflowers 140 x 120 x 3 cm
    • Price:  € 8 500,00
    • Art lease:  from € 170,00 p/mnd
  • Charlotte Molenkamp
    • Interieurvoorbeeld 0 x 0 cm
    • Price:  On request
    • Art lease:  On request

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