Kees Salentijn
Kees Salentijn

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Kees Salentijn was born in 1947 in Amsterdam. He lives and works in the Netherlands and in Spain.

In his youth, Salentijn followed a study at the State Academy of Fine Arts in Amsterdam. In this period he studied paintings in the Prado in Madrid and stayed a few months in the company of a Berber family in Morocco where he searched for what art precisely contained. In the academy, Salentijn had an important teacher called O.B. Kat, who largely influenced his later work.

Kees Salentijn travelled frequently to Spain in the eighties. During this period the artist became involved with local artists. He felt attracted to them because they come from diverse art streams and had in common a passion for inconscious creation.

The death of matador Paguiri brought Salentijn to paint his first bull fight. After making this painting he brings in 1985 a number of artworks with the theme “Les Folies d’Espagne” which he exhibits in Amsterdam. This was a great success and for Salentijn also a metaphor.

In the end of the eighties and early nineties, Salentijn visited a number of archaeological excavations in Ampurias, a settlement in Spain. After the visit of this excavations he started working in Venlo and soon established a studio close to Amsterdam.

Artworks by Kees Salentijn
  • Kees Salentijn
    • Zeegezicht I 40 x 35 x 2 cm
    • Price:  € 400,00
    • Art lease:  from € 8,00 p/mnd

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