Marjan Smit
Marjan Smit

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Marjan Smit (1958 – Amersfoort) graduated in 1984 from the Kunstacedemie Artibus in Utrecht and from that moment on, she works as an independent visual artist.

Graphic works and glass objects

Marjan Smit is for eight years now involved in creating glass objects. She creates them in her studio in Eindhoven. Her glass artworks are cast in the hot glass studio of Tetterode in Amsterdam and in the Glass House in Lommel. Smit’s visual language is constituted by forms that are both similar and very recognizable.

Etchings without acids

The images of her etchings are crafted directly with a sharp pin in a metal plate. That is a form of etchings without the use of acids.

Unique glass objects

The glass objects are all unique. After the liquid glass with a temperature of 1240 degrees is poured in the sand moth and the object is ready the moll is destroyed. To prevent that later cracks occurr in the object, every artwork is left for three days in a so-called cooling oven until the temperature is decreases gradually to 20 degrees. The inlays, the images in the glass, are made of copper or brass and glass wire. The artist uses pigments of glass powder to add color. The glass objects of artist Marjan Smit are robust, heavy and stable. They are extremely strong because their bottom have a diamond cutting that is then straight cut off and polished.


Artworks by Marjan Smit
  • Marjan Smit
    • Geen titel 33 x 20 x 5 cm
    • Price:  € 822,64
    • Art lease:  On request
  • Marjan Smit
    • Geen titel 23 x 18 x 5 cm
    • Price:  € 550,14
    • Art lease:  On request

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