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Colorful passion

Admire the paintings of artist Robson Reis Marques at AbrahamArt. AbrahamArt offers the possibility to buy or rent (through art lease). When you use our flexible art lease concept, you gain access to original artworks including Robson Reis Marques’ in your home for a low monthly fee. In the meantime, you save a part of the amount of the rent for a subsequent purchase of an artwork of your choice.

Artistic eruption

Robson Reis Marques was born in Cabo Frio, Brazil. “As a child I just wanted to be the lion Mudou of Thunder Cats,” says Robson Reis Marques. Reis Marques showed interest for the artistic world already at a young age. Fun has always played an important role in his creative process. To flee his family home, young Reis Marques decided to study fine arts in Rio. After graduating, he has worked for a while in a bank. That phase was followed by an artistic eruption, and from then on he decided to focus on his career as an artist.

Shape of human feelings

Reis Marques found his way in the art world with passion and intuition. “The art world is the place where I feel at my best,” says the artist. Art is for Reis Marques a way to look at a ‘destructive reality’ and change it. Art has its own way of shaping people’s love, this is according to the artist the main theme behind his work. Therefore temptation, passion, love and desire often appear in his colorful works. The inspiration of the viewer is the artist’s biggest motivation.

Personal work

The works of Reis Marques are personal. As a viewer you would by to looking his work know more about him as a person. His studio is Reis Marques’ favorite place. Robson Reis Marques creates always full of energy, desire splashes of his work. Only when a painting independent of his judgment speaks for itself, then he considers a work finished. Modesty is not assigned to the artist. His favorite artist is he himself. “I love the art I create,” says Robson Reis Marques.

Reis Marques at his best

“I am always at my best when I am painting!” Besides painting the artist fulfill his life with energy and passion, Reis Marques happy days come with dance, drink and music. His successful career lead him to different countries and again all these experiences influence his vision about his own art. “Every time I visit a new country I grow as an artist and as a human being. Seeing the work of the major Dutch masters, inspires me enormously. I have always dreamed of them”, connects the artist radiating.

Works of Robson Reis Marques are for sale and rent through art lease at AbrahamArt. AbrahamArt offers the possibility to buy or rent through art lease artworks of various artists, including Robson Reis Marques. Ask for a trial placement or come admire this artist in our gallery!

Artworks by Robson Reismarques
  • Robson Reismarques
    • Geen titel 125 x 175 x 3 cm
    • Price:  € 4 500,00
    • Art lease:  from € 90,00 p/mnd
  • Robson Reismarques
    • Interieurvoorbeeld 0 x 0 cm
    • Price:  On request
    • Art lease:  On request

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