Artworks from Sjaak Smetsers

  • Sjaak Smetsers

    So funny by Sjaak Smetsers
    So funny
    12 x 45 x 12 cm
    € 790,00
    Art lease:
    from € 15,80 p/mnd
Sjaak Smetsers

Sjaak Smetsers

The works from Sjaak Smetsers are made of fantasy. Smetsers creates with glass, bronze and steel and with his poetic titles he gives each artwork a magical atmosphere. The special, contemporary work of Sjaak Smetsers connect with a long tradition of art but at the same time reveals a highly original style. Come admire the sculptures of Sjaak Smeters at AbrahamArt, the largest gallery and art lease of the Netherlands, or request a trial placement of your favorite Sjaak Smetsers sculpture.

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