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Art Lease is easy, flexible and very affordable!

AbrahamArt has the biggest contemporary art collection of the Netherlands available for art lease. The collection consists of works of known and emerging modern artists.

Trial placement

Via our website you can find your favorite artwork(s) and ask for a non-committal trial placement so you can experience the work of art in the comfort of your home. Our seasoned art advisors can guide you through our collection to find the best options.

Art Lease

When you choose an artwork after the trial placement, you pay per month 3% of the value of the artwork. You save 2% from this monthly fee so you can build up savings in order to purchase art. The benefits of our art lease formula:

  • exchange or purchase at any time, no maximum rental period.
  • you earn two-thirds of the monthly amount
Kunstuitleen particulieren

We do not charge any fee for registration and also no maximum term of the lease. The minimum rental period is one year. When you rent artwork, you can always decide to buy. You acquire savings that will be deducted from the amount of the purchase price and then the art work is yours!

Kunstuitleen particulieren

Jef Poldervaart – 150×110 cm

Price: €2650,-
Art lease: €79,50
Here you save: €53,-

Kunstuitleen particulieren

Bram Reijnders – 180×110 cm

Price: €2750,-
Art lease: €82,50 per maand
Here you save: €55,-

Kunstuitleen particulieren Malucu

William Malucu – 120×120 cm

Price: €1650,-
Art lease: €49,50 per maand
Here you save: €33

Please see below a number of examples of our art in interiors:

Kunstuitleen particulieren collage