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Art Leasing in Knokke-Heist

Koop of huur originele werken van gerenomeerde hedendaagse kunstenaars. Gratis bezorgd en opgehangen in Nederland.

Art Leasing Collection Knokke-Heist

Robbert Fortgens

120 x 120 cm

€ 2,850

€ 57 p.m.

Robbert Fortgens

120 x 120 cm

€ 2,850

€ 57 p.m.

Helmut Newton
Père Lachaise Tomb of Talma, 1977

57 x 45 cm

€ 1,450

€ 29 p.m.

How does art leasing work? Knokke-Heist


Art for a monthly recurring fee

Using our art leasing formula, you can lease or rent an artwork. You will pay a monthly recurring fee. Part of this monthly fee is accumulated to your 'savings', your credit. This credit can, later on be used to buy an artwork. Normally the monthly recurring fee is 2% of the sales value of the artwork. Of this monthly amount you save 1%.

For example: you rent an artwork with a sales value of €1000. You pay €20 a month, of which you save €10 each month.


You decide when you want to buy or exchange

From the moment you have an artwork, you are in control. If you want to change the artwork because you saw something else, it's no problem. You can, at any time, change the artwork for something else. The accumulated credit remains. This credit continues to accumulate with the savings part of the new artwork.

Are you renting two artworks, of which one of them you are sure you will never want to change. Then you can use all your credit to purchase this particular artwork.

We have an attractive art lease formula for companies. Click here for more info.


Art advice at home

The best place to judge an artwork is in the environment where it will eventually be placed. That is why AbrahamArt provides art advice at home.

On our website you select the artworks you are interested in. Or you can visitour gallery in Amsterdam or Eindhoven to make a selection from our extensive collection. Our expert art advsiors will then come to your house and discus with you which artwork at which place suits best.


The advantages of art leasing

Art leasing is easy, flexible and affordable:

  • pay per month and build up credit to buy art later on
  • change or purchase the artwork at any time
  • free delivery in the Benelux and expertly hung
  • no registration fee or maximum rental period.

Request a trial placement now for free and without obligation Knokke-Heist

Our art loan is assessed with a 9.3/10

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