Italia 26/48

Selwyn Senatori

  • 60 x 60 cm
  • Handbeschilderd kunstwerk in oplage
  • Mixed media
€ 565 or € 11 p.m.
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Our gallery has a review score of 9.3

- Germany


“Sehr freundlich und super organisiert”

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- London


“Very satisfied”

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- London


“Superb! And friendly and good advise”

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80 x 150 cm

€ 1,250


80 x 100 cm

€ 3,150

€ 63 p.m.

Selwyn Senatori

Anyone who sees the work of Selwyn Senatori can clearly see that he cultivates his Italian roots and “la dolce vita” in his work. This neopop artist has become a well-known media figure in the art landscape and is making international headway. AbrahamArt has a permanent space in which Selwyn's work is displayed. All Selwyn Senatori paintings and screen prints are for sale and available through art lending. Request a free trial placement now.

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