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Always a suitable artwork for every space & budget

Art in the workplace increases both the job satisfaction of your staff and the image of your organization. Because our customers are as unique as our art, we like to think along about the precise interpretation and implementation of your wishes package.

AbrahamArt artworks inspire and motivate more and more people incorporates as well as small to medium-sized enterprises, governmental institutions and hotels.

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Buy, rent or lease

How it works

AbrhamArt Lease formula You pay 3% of the value of your collection per month, of which you save 2% for the purchase of art and pay 1% rent. You can use your savings for the purchase of art.

Renting You pay 1.24% rent of the value of your collection per month. You enjoy the lowest monthly payments, but do not accrue savings.

Regular leasing You pay the art collection in 60 monthly installments until 10% of the collection value remains. You then buy your artwork for an attractive residual amount (private or business).

Change Would you like variety in your office? AbrahamArt allows you to change the artworks at certain fixed times.

More information? Make an appointb with one of our art advisors.

Leading in Art

The largest art gallery of the Netherlands and Belgium

Abrahamart has a gallery in the center of Amsterdam and Eindhoven. Hundreds of original artworks are exhibited in a spacias atmosphere and as a company you will reap the benefits of our know-how of the contemporary art industry.

All artworks have been carefully selected for an art-loving audience and are available to your company at attractive rental and lease rates.


Address Stratumsedijk 79 5614 HP Eindhoven
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
10.00 - 6.00 PM


Address Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 7 1017 DB Amsterdam
Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday
11.00 - 7.00 PM

Stand out as a company

Extras and promotional gifts

We have video and / or visual material for almost all works and artists. You can, for example, place this on your intranet to inform your staff, customers and visitors. If you want, we even provide Art-Walks through your company. In addition, AbrahamArt provides high-profile Art Events and original art-related business gifts.