Kunstwerken van Craig Alan

Populous Soup

122 x 92 cm

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Kiss Goodnight

102 x 102 cm

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From Many Two

153 x 122 cm

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Craig Alan

Combining technical skill, creativity and humor, Craig portrays iconic faces, buildings and abstracts through dozens, sometimes hundreds of finely painted human figures.

In its own way, these figures reflect
Craig's very relatable take on life, where it's the little details that work together to create the big picture.
Craig carefully plans and creates each little figure, each with their own identity and personality that he has thought through in every detail.

Craig Alan’s work is showcased in galleries in major cities across the U.S, U.K, Germany, France and Canada. His work is collected by many private and prominent collectors.

Proefplaatsing 088 - 222 3 111

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