Study of Perspective in Glass - Red (31/100)

Ai Weiwei

  • 13 x 9 x 10 cm
  • Sculptuur in oplage
  • Murano glas
Ai Weiwei is one of China's most famous artists. I reject international statements as one of the designers of the Beijing Olympic stadium, the 'bird's nest'.

Each artwork is an expression, a political action, whose purpose is nothing more than to cast doubt on existing systems.

Ai Weiwei Glass Sculptures - Study of Perspective proves to a photo series by the artist made since 1995. Ai Weiwei extends his middle finger to institutions of power around the world: from Beijing's Tiananmen Square to New York's Trump Tower. He records the gesture in snapshots, with the focus: the rebellion. Apart from these photos, the casts of the artist's hand are evidence of Ai Weiwei's basic attitude, which calls for a sign against any form of oppression.

In the sculptures from the “Study of Perspectives in Glass” Ai Weiwei finds a strong symbol of protest with which he expresses his own attitude.
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Ai Weiwei

Born in Beijing in 1957, Ai Weiwei is a multidisciplinary artist, architect, photographer, designer, critic and activist, son of the noted Chinese poet Ai Qing, himself a studnet of avant-garde theory in Paris between 1929 and 1932. Qing, a major influence on Weiwei's way of thinking

A cultural figure of international renown, Ai Weiwei is an activist, architect, curator, filmmaker and China's most famous artist. Open in his criticism of the Chinese government, Ai was detained for months in 2011 and then released under house arrest. "I don't see myself as a dissident artist," he says. “I see them as a dissident government!” Some of Ai's best-known works are installations, which often lean towards the conceptual and provocative dialogue between the contemporary world and traditional Chinese ways of thinking and production. For Sunflower Seeds (2010) at the Tate Modern, he distributed 100 million porcelain "seeds" hand-painted by 1600 Chinese artisans - a commentary on mass consumption and the loss of individuality. His infamous Coca Cola vase (1994) is a Han Dynasty urn decorated with the ubiquitous soda logo. Ai also served as an artistic consultant in the design of the "Bird's Nest" stadium for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and has curated pavilions and museum exhibits around the world.

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